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Our team is proud to provide exceptional service in film, television and commercial productions!

Steve Watson Reel Chefs Owner Santa Fe Albuquerque New Mexico Los Angeles California

Reel Chefs Catering is a leader in movie catering. Our company provides full-service location meal preparation to the fast-paced, demanding movie industry. We use fresh, high quality ingredients delivered daily to make healthy, mouth-watering meals that satisfy any taste and meet any dietary need.Our reputation is built on the quality of  our food, the excellence of our service, the friendliness of our crew and the speed & efficiency we offer to serve hundreds of people in twenty minutes. Our experience through the years has taught us that serving straight from the window of the kitchen is a very slow way to serve the crew and time is money!! We need to move crew back to production time as soon as possible without compromising service.

Headed by Steve Watson, Reel Chefs Catering was formed specifically to meet the requirements and challenges of the modern-day film and television industry. Our talented crew doesn’t just prepare the best meals fresh daily to order. We also have the skills and know-how to handle whatever a film production throws our way: last minute changes in logistics, difficult and remote locations, unusually large crews, exacting dietary restrictions, or long work hours in the most stressful environments. We drive state-of-the-art mobile prep kitchens and pay strict attention to cleanliness & safety. Our crew provides complete hospitality from pouring coffee and tea to clearing trays. Eating a meal prepared and served by Reel Chefs, whether in the confines of a sound studio or out on a lively location set, is like eating a meal at a four-star restaurant.

We know that the importance of production time is always prominent in the minds of producers and directors. Time is money, after all, which is why Reel Chefs has never used the slow-moving step-up window style of serving a crew. Instead, we use the double-sided buffet, which can serve a crew of 150 people in twenty minutes or less. Buffet-style service allows crew members to choose what they want and how much they want in the most efficient manner possible and larger crews can be accommodated capably by using multiple buffet lines. So even if time is tight because you moved the set or you need to save daylight, the crew can still relax, enjoy a great meal, and experience the full hospitality of our staff.

For most crew members, though, it’s the variety and tastiness of the food that counts, and our highly skilled chefs fulfill that demand expertly. Give us an 80-day shoot and we’ll serve up 80 different menus - Italian, Caribbean, Japanese, or simply barbecue; our chefs can cook it all. We can cater to any taste and we keep abreast of the latest in culinary trends. Likewise, we keep ourselves informed on everything from Atkins to Veganism so any crew member with special dietary needs won’t be left out. In the mornings we offer fresh vegetable juices made from produce delivered daily, and once or twice weekly we mount action stations serving up some of our most delicious creations, such as Tibetan dumplings, quesadillas, or garlic shrimp. We know that just as an army marches on its stomach, so, too, does a film crew.

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