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Steve Watson

Executive Chef

My Passion for The Culinary Arts started as a teen, working in the evenings as a dishwasher / prep cook. I was inspired at the energy and efficiency everyone had that was working! During my enrollment at the Academy of Culinary Arts in Atlantic City, NJ, I worked my way through the Culinary Ladder from Line Cook to Fine Dining Chef as a 20 year old. Hyatt Hotels were good to me - I travelled and worked as a chef in hotels around the world.

After opening the hotel kitchen in Birmingham, UK for 8 weeks, I was transferred to Melbourne, Australia as a Sous Chef and a year later served as Head Chef of a Boutique Hotel on the South Island, New Zealand. After returning to the US, I cooked in Restaurants from New York to California.

I started working for a Film/TV Caterer in San Francisco, my 1st show being Mrs. Doubtfire! After a few years, I took the chance and started my own company with my wife, Isabel in 2005.

Borne in Santiago Chile, raised in the Peruvian mountains & the Amazon, Isabel knew from very young that she was here to serve by making a difference in the life of all beings that she comes in contact with. Her drive for service and the 4 Decades she has spent in Film & TV around the world, propelled her to join her husband in co-creating Reel Chefs.
She has dedicated many years to make sure that RCC is in alignment with
Sustainability & Green Practices; the importance of composting, recycling, BioDiesel, eliminating plastic & supporting farmers. Isabel strives to educate the team on the different modalities of cooking with awareness & consciousness, sharing content on all ingredients & their properties. Being a crew member for all these years, she is very aw
are of the needs of production & strives to accommodate all of it with a smiling attitude.

Isabel Harkins: Over 50 years in the movie industry.

Isabel Harkins

Co-Creator / COO

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Chefs Corner

On Set & Throughout the Industry, Reel Chefs Values Connection & Friendship

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Continuing Education

In our Dedication to Excellence, we continue to expose our chefs to new recipes, skills & education.